GenomeDate Genome Delivered
1Craig Venter09/04/2007
2James Watson04/09/2008
3Marjolein Creik05/26/2008
4Misha Angrist03/31/2009
5Rosalynn Gill03/31/2009
6Jay Flatley05/20/2009
7Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr.08/10/2009
8Hermann Hauser08/20/2009
9Henry Louis Gates Sr.08/21/2009
10George Church11/05/2009
11Glenn Close11/20/2009
12John West01/25/2010
13Judy West01/25/2010
14Anne West01/25/2010
15Paul West01/25/2010
16Desmond Tutu02/17/2010
17James Lupski03/10/2010
18Stephen Quake04/30/2010
19Greg Lucier05/01/2010

The World Personal Genome Registry is a website created by Illumina for the individual genome sequencing space that allows the community to keep track of the current status of personal whole-genome sequencing. We plan to transfer this registry to an appropriate standards body. Click here if you have a recommendation.